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Croatia is one of the best places when it comes to scuba diving and there is a reason why divers love visiting Croatia as there is more than thousands of islands and coastlines. Also, the clear water of the sea is something every diver wish for when it comes to scuba diving experience and one more reason that will draw your attention for diving in Croatia are many shipwrecks you will see there. From clear water to living the history with shipwreck diving, there are many popular places for scuba diving you should go and see.

1. Bisevo Grotto near Vis Island – Blue Grotto located near Vis Island is a beautiful dive site where you can see an amazing and magical cave. This is a prime location for diving as you will have visibility mostly 25miter-90feet. You will get to see lobster, corals, octopus, scorpion fish and much more once you arrived here. You need to take a boat from Vis Island to reach here. This is a place you must see if you are planning a diving trip in Croatia.

2. Taranto In Dubrovnik – You need to visit Taranto as it is one of the most popular sites between scuba divers. Taranto was a transport ship which sank in 1943, however, these days it’s home for octopuses, cardinal fish, and lobsters. This is one of the best places with such variety and a tragic tale of a sinking ship, a diver would wish for.

3. Baron Gautsch near Rovinj – This is one of the most beautiful wrecks in Croatia. It is located near the Island of Rovinj. If you have quite an experience diving as diving here needs experience than this is a place you must go. It was built in 1908 and in 1914 it sank in the sea. It’s now the home of many fishes.

4. Permuda In Pag – The island of Pag is located on the north side of the Zadar and permuda is one of the best places to visit for scuba diving lovers. It’s a most adventures place for divers. You will be going to see the underwater light and much more. You will also get to see a lot of caves connected together in a series; also you will find a tunnel which is connected to the most popular caves.

5. Margarina Reef, Susak Island – If you are new to diving or just learned the diving art that this is the perfect place for you. You can reach this diving site by boat. You can see stone columns, canyon, and the wreck of a ship. Many less experienced divers come here to dive.

6. Pakleni Otoci, Hvar – this is a place which offers a diverse and magical diving experience below the water. Pakleni Otoci is located on the southwest coast of Hvar. All type of divers can go for diving here as they have many diving spots there. You can dive there at any time of the year, for safety you will need to wear a wet suit during winter. This is the home of many marine creatures like lobsters, octopus, eels, scorpion fish and much more.

7. The Wreck of the Teti, Vis Island – The Teti lies on the small island of Mali Barjak, and for its shallow depths and conditions, it is an ideal location for scuba diving, especially for beginners. Teti was a steamship with two freight wagons and two masts. The first traces of shipwreck begin at a depth of about ten meters from the northern side of Mali Barjak. The ship’s remains lie on a mild subterranean slope that descends gradually to a depth of about 35 meters and passes into a sandy pit. The deeper part of the wreck is preserved complete.

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