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Pissouri, Cyprus

Aside from the many attractions that Limassol offers, visitors will also find plenty of opportunities for fun side trips just minutes away from the city centre. Get ready to discover idyllic remote beaches, take lazy strolls around picturesque villages, or explore marvellous ancient ruins. With a wide range of options awaiting the eager tourist, there is simply no room for lackluster moments when holidaying in the area.

If you find the long stretch of Limassol Beach too crowded and busy for your taste, just hop on a bus or grab a taxi and you can easily find yourself enjoying peace and quiet on a lovely beach nearby. Drive about 19 miles west of Limassol and you will discover the scenic village of Pissouri just before you reach the town of Paphos. The village is beautifully perched on top of a hill and affords breathtaking views of the coastline. Head to the beach area and walk along its shoreline with a perfect mixture of golden sand and pebbles. There are quite a few tavernas near the beach so you do not have to worry about going hungry or thirsty for that matter!

If you are up for some exploration, befriend a local and ask for directions to Pissouri’s secret beach. It takes quite a bit of walking but the secluded and gorgeous pebbled shore you will discover makes all the huffing and puffing worth it. Pissouri is not all about the beaches because its traditional village is also an attraction in itself. It features a pretty square surrounded with charming tavernas and quaint little shops. Stay until the evening for a more traditional nightlife scene where live music and dancing make up most of the entertainment.

The picture-perfect village of Lania – where scenic vineyards cling to the hills and traditional houses with their bougainvillea-adorned walls flank the cobbled streets – is also worth an entire day in your itinerary. It is located north of Limassol, in the foothills of the picturesque Troodos Mountain. Check out the area’s divine little shops where remarkable art work from local artists are on display, drop by a traditional taverna and enjoy delectable local fares accompanied by a glass (or a bottle) of the village’s very own wine. Of course, lazy strolls along the meandering cobblestone lanes will lead you to exquisite stone work and vibrant blooming gardens. Be sure not to miss a visit to its famous stone church where you can find the awe-inspiring 17th-century icon of the Virgin Mary of Valanas.

Finally, the splendid ruins of Kourion are a must-visit. The ancient city dating back to the 12th century B.C. is worth checking out not only for the history enthusiast but also for anyone drawn to beautiful sites that help us understand the past. Take the time to explore the splendid Greco Roman Amphitheater whose sheer age, architectural splendour, strategic location on a hilltop and the breathtaking views of the coastline it affords make it a favourite day trip destination from Limassol.

Other highlights near Limassol include the House of Gladiators and the House of Achilles with their stunning floor mosaics as well as the Roman Nymphaeum, which is considered to be one of the grandest and largest Roman monuments in the Mediterranean.

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