Primosten is a town surrounded by 7 islands

Primošten, Croatia

Primosten is a beautiful little town in Croatia situated on the most attractive part of the Adriatic coast, between the famous Croatian notabilities –a town of Šibenik, Trogir and Split, and the national parks Krka and Kornati.

Primosten is a picturesque place in Croatia surrounded by 7 islands making it a hidden gem for globetrotters. You can get here on a bus from either Sibenik or Split. The town is especially known for its ancient architectural buildings and their massive vineyards. Besides the architectural history, Primosten also has a rich vibrant culture focusing on art, food, entertainment and is home to some of the best beaches in Croatia. Let us take a look at the sightseeing and activities you can do to enjoy and explore this breathtaking town.

What to see

A must visit place in Primosten is the Hilltop 15th Century Church of St.George. This charming, quaint church is located up a hill in old town Primosten and also has a graveyard. From the church, you get a 360-degree spectacular view of the vast sea and the town and is excellent for catching the gorgeous sunsets. Besides the church, you can go for a walk through the pretty, narrow cobbled streets of this historic town or bicycle on the roads alongside the sea. Primosten is well known for the most famous beach called Raduca beach. The beach is an extremely long and shallow beach with more of pebbles than sand so do not leave your slippers behind. This beach is pristine, blue, clean and less crowded- everything you look for in a perfect beach!


There are many water activities you can indulge in Primosten such as scuba diving, snorkelling and open water diving. There is a famous diving centre called Pongo in the town which teaches and organizes open water diving courses and various other water sports here. The open water diving course is highly recommended by most tourists. Another interesting activity to try here is the eco fishing excursion. You get to experience the life of a fisherman by going on a boat and catching various kinds of fishes from the sea and grilling them right away and eating them! Primosten also has a colourful nightlife and has one of the best nightclubs in Croatia called Aurora. This club is known for some of the best parties and is frequented by a number of popular DJs. During the summer months numerous festivities are organized in Primosten, such as: Primosten habits, fishing night, folklore and Dalmatian folk music evenings.

Restaurants, shops and accommodation

There are also a number of lovely restaurants in the town serving delicious European, Mediterranean and seafood some of the popular ones of which are Restaurant Mediteran, Sari Cevi Devori and Konoba Toni. There is also a small and popular shop called Primosten Honey Shop Garcin in the town which sells some delicious honey and grappas. You should definitely not miss out on this one.

The only hotel in Primosten is Hotel Zora which is a three-star hotel. However, there are many private houses, apartments and villas which provide accommodation to guests. There is also a huge camping site called Camp Adriatic where a number of people set up their camps, tents, caravans and stay there. This camp has its own supermarket, restaurant and beach and can accommodate up to 1600 guests.

Daily trips

You can go on a daily trip to Split, the biggest coastal city in Croatia. This dynamic city has many cultural monuments and many cultural happening. Trogir is one historic city in which you can see a beautiful harbour and take a trip by a boat along the Trogir’s Riviera. Also, you should go on a boat trip to a beautiful city, Šibenik.

Travelling to National park Krka will make you discover beautiful landscape with many lakes, waterfalls and monastery Visovac, built in 15th century, placed in island Visovac in one of the lakes.
If you are looking for a peaceful, quiet yet a fun-filled and exciting vacation with pretty beaches and sea, then Primosten is undoubtedly the place to visit!

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