One of the most famous resorts in Egypt is Hurghada.

Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada is the reckoned as the gem of Egypt. Renowned for its pristine quality of service and style, Hurghada is a remarkable place for the tourists and has a preceding reputation of quality versus quantity. The city was founded in the early 20th century and since then tourists have been enjoying this city and the visit is totally worth. This city was once an isolated fishing village but turned out to be a major success for the Egyptians. The resort is a destination for Egyptian tourists from Delta, Cairo, and Upper Egypt, also the package holiday from Europe. The city holds a subtropical desert climate, with hot to very hot summers and mild-warm winters. The appropriate month to visit would be in between March and April.

Hurghada is full of attractions that are capable of luring plenty of tourists year-round. The temple of Hathor, which includes surprisingly intact and impressive architecture, is well set up for visitors with an information center and cafe. The weather is absolutely amazing and you get the joy like never before. Keep in mind that hotels and resorts privately own the hundreds of meters of beaches in Hurghada; the better the retreat is, the quality your beach experience will be. Old Hurghada is also for those who love food as the most authentic restaurants and hotels are available. This is also the location where one would find the city’s largest bazaar, bus station and post office. Tourists are also attracted to visit Hurghada to see the Marine Biology museum. The museum answers the curiosity of core red sea secrets. The Red sea has amazing coral reefs that make a perfect place for thousands of species. Besides the museum one can also visit Mons Porphyrites, which excites everyone. The lads can also fill your heart by flying Kite and windsurfing.

So, above were some major tourist attractions. Besides these, there are uncountable things that you can do once you arrive in this city. Hurghada is known as a top three diving destination on the planet. It has something for everyone- even for the non-divers, plenty of things such as beach fun, extreme water sports, clubbing and golfing too are available. The red sea resorts of Hurghada: Sharm El- Sheikh and Taba are wonderful destinations that are awaiting your arrival offering you holiday packages and trip facilities. No trip to Hurghada would be complete without a day spent exploring the underwater world of the Red Sea. Snorkelling, diving, sunbathing and a welcome retreat from the mainland bustle are very famous in the Giftun Islands. Experienced divers are welcomed here and the offshore reefs provide spectacular drop-offs for you.

A three-hour tour with your own private guide is the perfect way to see the sights of Hurghada including the St Mary Church, Big Mosque and the port area, and in addition, you’ll have leisure time for shopping at the bazaars. Hurghada shore excursion from the Sinbad Submarine will entertain you to the fullest. As from the name, you will be enjoying in the Sinbad submarine into a spectacular blue world and seeing the creatures so vivid that you feel as if you are descending below the Red Sea to enjoy the tranquillity of life beneath the waves.

Besides aquatic experience, you also get a chance to hire a cool quad bike; the combination of the sand dunes and canyons and the dramatic desert scenery will refill your thrust of the amazing visit. Hotels will take the responsibility of pick up and drop up from centrally located Hurghada hotels for the riders. This will be the highlight for every tourist visiting Hurghada. You will also have a chance of discovering the beauty of Egypt’s oasis and deserts taking a 4×4 adventure safari in the missing parts of Egypt and Belly dancing, horses and a Sound and Light Show will spice you up.

Hurghada is a true party town. The nightclubs are concentrated along the same main street as the hotels and, although they attract mostly young people; there is entertainment enough for everyone. You’ll find the right program for you and you’ll surely be coming back for more!

Almost the ideal location on which Hurghada is located allows tourists to organize a large number of different excursions. Paradise Island, a visit to ancient Egypt and many other excursions can be made just from Hurghada.

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