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Murcia, Spain

Murcia is a beautiful city that is the capital of a region of the same name. Located near Torrevieja on the Segura river in the southeastern section of Spain, it is located near a plain that provides a perfect environment for vegetable growing, so much so that the city is known as the market garden of Murcia.

If you want to travel to an exciting and unique destination where you can enjoy everything from fabulous weather to fascinating sights – and without the noise of a high number of tourists – then Murcia could prove the ideal destination for you.

Even better, there are great deals on hotel accommodations and flights into the Murcia allowing you to have a great vacation within budget.

Enjoy a simple stroll around the city, and take in everything from the natural beauty to the historical architecture as you enjoy exploring the area on foot. If you enjoy delving into the past you will find some wonderful historical attractions to visit. Check out the array of museums in the area, which includes the Science Museum, the Cathedral Museum, the Religious Art Museum, and the Archaeological Museum. The Museum of Science and Water is a great stop for both you and your children. They have a planetarium, and many shows and exhibitions. Be sure to see the science square where children can watch scientific demonstrations and do experiments of their own.

Enjoy visiting some wonderful historical buildings and churches, such as the fabulous Cathedral of Murcia ( Tourists can go to the top of the tower to see spectacular views of the city and beyond), Santa Ana Church, and the Las Agustinas Monastery. Right outside the Cathedral you will find the city hall and the Palacia Episcopal, the residency of the Bishop of Murcia.

Enjoy a trip to the Roman theatre, or enjoy spending time at the Murcian Market Garden. You will find some great shopping opportunities here too, so you can also satisfy the die-hard shopper in you with a choice of facilities available.

Another place that shouldn’t be missed is the Moorish castle on top of the Monteagudo mountain that can be seen from almost anywhere in Murcia.

Besides culture and history, you will find many other interesting things to see and do in Murcia. There are beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. There is a lovely lagoon called the “Mar Menor” (small sea). This picturesque body of water is separated by a land bridge from the Mediterranean and is a beautiful, protected place to sunbathe. The centre offers everything from kayaking to parasailing and caters for pros and complete beginners.

And chief among the water attractions in this area are the salt swamps near San Pedro del Pinatar.

If you are looking for a golf resort and retreat, then look no further than the Inter Continental Mar Menor Golf Resort & Spa. Here you can take in 18 holes and the escape to a relaxing retreat where you can enjoy many different spa treatments.

Just for fun, the Gran Casino Murcia lets you spend your Euros in slot machines while enjoying the ornate ballroom. Then you can move on to the Spa La Manga Club for some relaxation. It is located at the Hyatt Las Lomas Village & Spa and offers steam rooms Jacuzzi tubs, manicures, pedicures, therapeutic massage, and even reflexology. A lap pool is located on the premises featuring 6 lanes 25-metres in length. Children are welcome but have their own swimming pool so the adults are not disturbed.

Murcia holds a number of festivals during the year, mostly with religious themes, so they take place on the major religious holidays. Christmas, Easter and Three Kings Day inspire the most elaborate and beautiful ones.

And one of the most popular and dramatic events in the city of Murcia is the Holy Week Processions. Sculptures are actually removed from museums and paraded through town to replicate the walk that Christ took on his way to the Cross. These processions continue night and day, with the night time processions accompanied by candlelight.

Arrival at Murcia — Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Murcia is best serviced by the San Javier airport where major international and European carriers come and go on a regular basis. It is located along the northern part of the Mar Menor, which is also a great location for outdoor sports such as swimming, water skiing, sailing, fishing, etc.

Once you arrive, you can hire a car to take you to your hotel or use a taxi or bus, which will also get you to all of the points of interest in and around the city.

There are plenty of choices in hotels and around the city centre of Murcia. For example, one modern choice is Hotel Nelva. It is just 4 km from the downtown area and only cost around $75 US per night. In the heart of the city is the also modern Catalonia Conde de Floridablanca. It is just steps away from the shops in town and the cities cathedral.

The business and commercial district of Murcia is the location of the Zenit Murcia. It is also close to the cathedral and has 61 air-conditioned rooms costing approximately $65 US per night.

Murcia City Walking Route

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