Marsaxlokk should be on top of every traveler’s list.

Marsaxlokk should be on top of every traveller’s list. It is a colourful, traditional Maltese village located in the south Eastern Side of Malta with several attractions such as the market that covers the whole village operating majorly on Sundays and all days of the week for tourists and brightly-coloured fishing boats (and their mythical Eye of Horus infallibly painted on their prows). This fishing boat is called ‘luzzu’ and the painted eyes on these luzzus are believed to protect fishermen and their boats from harm.

The market itself offers a delightful variety of traditional Maltese things, from handicrafts to home-made delicacies, as well as other less traditional items such as clothing and houseware. A smaller version of the market is also held daily.

Marsaxlokk can be considered to be a village rich of beauty and wonderful history. As the name suggests, Marsaxlokk can be further divided into two inorder to give a meaning that is ‘marsa’ which stands for port and ‘xlokk’ is a south eastern local name which is said to be associated with the dry Sirocco wind that blows from the Sahara. The inhabitants of the Marsaxlokk village are known as the Xlukkajri whose history is mainly attached to the fishing activities.

Being a secluded village can also be considered to be very special due to its popular tourist’s attractions. Fort Delimara can be said to be one of the best destinations in Marsaxlokk. Built between the period of 1876 and 1888 by the British, it was very instrumental in the protection of Marsaxlokk harbour. Although it is said that there is a great need of restoration of the fort since it is under the danger of collapse due to the coastal winds, still holds very historical and important features such as the four of its original Victorian 12.5-inch muzzle loaded guns mounted on its dwarf carriages.

Xrobb-I-Ghrahin temple also serves as one of the major tourist’s attractions in Marsaxlokk village. Discovered by an architect by the name Carmelo Rizz between the year 1914 and 1915, is also believed to have been greatly destroyed by the coastal erosions. However, after a series of investigations, it is said that most of its remains are still in existance.

In addition to the Temple, Marsaxlokk village also boasts existance of another tourist attraction known as the Delimara Lighthouse which is said to be built in the year 1990. Through the lighthouse, one can have a wonderful view of Marsacala and Bizeburga which are found on the opposite side of the lighthouse. The lighthouse is also currently used as a means of traffic control.

Among many attractions, Marsaxlokk parish is also worth visiting in Marsaxlokk village. It was a parished built by fishermen inorder to reduce travelling time when fishermen started building and settling along the sea coast. It is popularly known as Our Lady of our lady of Pompei. If you decide to travel please consider visiting the Marsaxlokk village.

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