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Loutraki is an amazing Greek city located on the coast of the Gulf of Corinth. Loutraki is famous for its impeccable tourist service and is one of the main centers of medical tourism in Greece.

In addition to mineral springs and clean beaches an important advantage of the resort is its convenient location in relation to the main attractions of Greece. Ancient Corinth is 22 km away, Mycena is 50 km away, Epidaurus and the Acropolis are an hour away, and Olympia and Delphi are 140-200 km away.

There are not many attractions in the city itself, but a large number of interesting places are located near the resort.

Entertainment in Loutraki is reflected in the many restaurants, bars and cafes where you can relax with the best Greek music, but also in the famous casino in Loutraki, which is one of the largest and oldest casinos in Europe. It is also interesting for many to know that the famous Spartan king Leonid, with his 300 brave Spartans, passed through Loutraki in order to oppose the superior Persian king Xerxes a little north of Loutraki, in the battle of Thermopylae.

For lovers of the sea, fishing, surfing and swimming services are provided, football fields, volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts are also open for tourists. Entertainment for children is also provided: carousels, trampolines and a large water park.

Loutraki beaches

Most of the city's beaches are covered with pleasant gravel as a result - the water in the sea is especially clean and transparent. For the cleanliness and maintenance of the coast, the city has been awarded the prestigious UN Blue Flag several times. This award is given only to the best and most environmentally friendly beaches in the world.

Loutraki beaches delight not only with their cleanliness and picturesqueness, but also with their developed infrastructure. Fans of outdoor activities and water sports will have something to do here. You can have fun with volleyball, diving, surfing, water skiing, parasailing, it is possible to rent a boat...

The most famous beach in the city is Loutraki Beach. The gravelly gray surface contrasts sharply with the clear waters of the Ionian Sea. The northern part of the beach has mineral springs, so you can combine relaxation with improved health. The territory is quite narrow, but tourists really like this place. Sun loungers and parasols can be rented. Leaving the beach, you can peek into one of the local cafes, bars, restaurants that serve delicious local cuisine. All types of seafood deserve special attention. They hunt right in front of the restaurant, so the freshness undoubtedly remains.

The special feature of the local beaches is that you do not have to pay money for deck chairs and parasols. It is enough to buy a cup of coffee or tea, a glass of water, juice, bought in local cafes. The equipment usually belongs to such facilities, so it is necessary to order something from their offer and you can enjoy in free chairs and parasols. What’s even more interesting, you don’t even have to leave the sea to order, as the waiters come by themselves.

The central square

From here the journey through the city begins. The historic name of the square "March 25" symbolizes the Greek uprising against the Turks in 1821.

Church of St. Andrew

Old Church of St. Andrew, founded in 1345, is one of the religious attractions. A century-old altar and iconostasis are kept here. According to legend, in the cave below the church, Andrew the First-Called hid from his persecutors.

City Promenade

The busiest place in the city is the promenade along which the most popular hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities are concentrated. At the end of promenade is a quiet picturesque park located on a small hill, so some parts of the park offer an excellent panoramic view of the city. There are several quiet wild beaches here, and you can also see interesting natural sights.

There is an incredibly beautiful artificial waterfall in the park. It looks so natural that it is difficult for uninformed tourists to believe in its artificial origin. In the midst of the tourist season, there are several beautiful cafes near the waterfall.

Church of St. Andrew

In the area of ​​the city, several interesting old churches have been preserved, among which is the church of St. Andrew. This church was built in 1345 and has retained its original appearance for hundreds of years. In 1981, the building was partially destroyed in an earthquake, and its restoration continues to this day. Despite the destruction, the church is open to the public, and an ancient altar and iconostasis have been preserved. In the area of ​​the church there is a secret passage leading to the cave. If you believe in the legends, in this cave Andrew the First-Called hid from the Roman troops who persecuted him.

Monastery of St. Marina

The monastery of St. Marina is located near the spa center. This is a very beautiful monastery, which in the warm season is literally buried in the dense foliage of trees and exotic plants. Walking through the territory of this monastery, you can admire the huge pine trees, which are more than a hundred years old.

Casino Loutraki

Loutraki is home to one of the largest casinos in Europe - Casino Loutraki. It is located in the area of one of the larger hotels and is accessible to everyone. Among the visitors of the casino are not only gambling lovers, but also fans of evening programs. The entertainment program includes famous music and dance bands, and the casino has an excellent bar with a rich selection of drinks and distinctive treats. Another attraction of the casino is the huge garden that surrounds it, in which more than 75,000 plants have been planted. During the day, the picturesque garden will be interesting to visit for all nature lovers, and on the background of its landscape compositions you can take interesting photos to remember.

Thermal springs

Apart from beautiful beaches, the city is also known for its healing thermal springs. According to legend, these places are able to heal, rejuvenate, give strength and physical prosperity to all those who decided to discover them. Healing at Loutraki is the whole ritual of balneotherapy.

The miracle of thermal waters is not an ancient epic or mythological legend at all. Life-giving water contains sodium, magnesium, and is rich in mineral salts. In addition to open springs with thermal water, the city has large hydropathic centers: the thermal spa Loutraki and Loutra Loutrakiu. These complexes have several swimming pools, jacuzzi baths, saunas and baths. Special medical procedures can be reported at an additional cost.

Loutraki Spa

The main place in the city where you can fully enjoy the thermal waters is the large spa (24 Georgiou Lekka). The springs are very nicely decorated - small structures resembling temples with pillars, mosaics, painted ceilings and walls, on which motifs from Greek myths can be seen. This is the oldest thermal center in the city, and there is a newer and more modern one in the same street.

You can try the treatment once or you can undergo serious treatment, after you have previously signed up for a consultation with a doctor who will choose the optimal course of the procedure. If you do not have time for long procedures, go for a short term that costs about 18 euros for 1.5 hours. Hydromassage and swimming in the pool lasting 45 minutes costs 10 euros, half an hour - 8 euros, massage and swimming in the pool - about 25 euros. More serious procedures cost 30 euros. In the center there is a bar where you can drink tea or juice, as well as mineral water from the spring (free of charge). Accommodation in the Spa is not possible. In the Spa you can buy preparations based on beneficial water and mud. This is a real gem of the city! Be sure to visit, you will not regret it!

In Loutraki you can relax even in winter. The air temperature during the day in the winter months reaches approximately 16 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the water temperature in the thermal springs reaches +34 ° C: therefore a holiday in the Greek city of Loutraki is possible at any time.

Snack bar Woody

Woody snack bar is located not far from the beach. It offers cheap food that can satisfy three or four people. Look for this place where you can have a cheap lunch in the center, in the street Lamprou Katsoni.


Rotopoula is located just one block from the sea, in Konstantinou Canari Street, and the cost of food there is quite low. This is a typical local tavern that serving Greek cuisine.

There are many interesting sights near the city.

Monastery of Moni Osiou Patapiou

At the top of the Gerania ridge is the ancient monastery of Moni Osiou Patapiou. To climb it, you need to overcome a steep staircase of 144 steps. For pilgrims the ascent of steep mountain stairs is a kind of ritual of purification.

The history of the founding of this monastery is very interesting. In the 13th century, a young hermit named Potapije settled in one of the caves on the mountain slope, and founded a small cave church. It is worth visiting at least because of the ancient Byzantine frescoes from 800 years ago.

The viewpoint offers a stunning view of the surroundings. The monastery is open to tourists. In the area of the monastery there is a church shop where you can buy rare icons. Today, 40 nuns live in the monastery.

At the top of the mountain are preserved other religious sites, where you can visit ancient churches and admire the frescoes made by local artists several hundred years ago.

Monastery of St. Gerasimos

It is located on the edge of a cliff with a beautiful panoramic view of the Gulf of Corinth. At the very edge of the monastery courtyard, a platform was built on which rises a large cross that is visible from afar and illuminated at night. The monastery has two churches, one larger and the other smaller. The bell tower, unlike those generally accepted for Greek churches, was built on the ground in the shape of three arches through which the sea and Lake Vouliagmenis can be seen. There is a large church store.

Temple of Poseidon

A short drive from the town near the village of Isthmia is the ancient Temple of Poseidon, which is also among the popular tourist attractions. It was built in the 7th century BC, and through the efforts of modern architects and researchers, the ancient building has been partially restored. Today, visitors to the archeological area can see the magnificent pillars of the ancient temple, as well as the skillful floor mosaics, which are considered to be the most valuable finds of these places. Not far from the ancient temple there is a famous archeological museum which contains a very interesting collection of finds

Lighthouse Cape Malagavi

A lighthouse was built on Cape Malagavi in the 19th century to save ships from colliding with rocks. It is made of white stone with an emerald dome. The lighthouse has become a symbol of the city, can often be seen in tourist photographs of Loutraki.

Sanctuary "Perachora Gereon"

Northwest of Loutraki is another historical landmark - the shrine of "Perachora Gereon". The lighthouse at Cape Malagawi will be a great landmark in search of the oldest shrine. The ruins are located in a picturesque place surrounded by sea, mountains and pine forests. The first building appeared here in the 8th century BC. It was an arched temple that has not been preserved to this day. In the VI century BC. in its place a temple was erected in honor of the ancient Greek goddess and protector of marriage Hera. The sanctuary is built in the shape of a triangle, decorated with an altar on one side. Altar is decorated with triglyphs (vertically standing stone slabs with triangular longitudinal grooves). The ruins of the sanctuary are also known for the fact that the famous film "300 Spartans" was shot here in the 60's of the last century.

Loutraki waterfall

You can swim in the thermal water not only in the spa or hotel, but also in nature - under a real waterfall. Leaving Loutraki towards the village of Perekhor, you will see a waterfall with thermal water. Many tourists who want to swim in the pool with mineral water gather here.

Many tourists try to visit the thermal waterfall in the evening, and after dark it is adorned with spectacular lighting. Near the waterfall there is an excellent cafe with a panoramic terrace with a beautiful view of the resort and the coast.

There are many interesting hiking trails in this area, and while walking you can admire rare plants, observe birds and see unusual geological formations.

Gerania Ridge

This is a marvelous landmark, a mountain range that stretches five kilometers from north to south and 25 kilometers from east to west. The rocks are almost not covered with any vegetation. Loutraki is practically surrounded by the slopes of Geranium. The highest point of the mountain is Aetorakhi (1105 m). Hikers will love the reef, but climbers will be bored here. But the place is really beautiful, with many beautiful routes and trails, small churches and Byzantine monasteries along the way.

Lake Vouliagmeni.

Every visitor should definitely visit this place. Slightly west of Loutraki is Lake Volyagmeni, which is actually a closed bay that connects with the waters of the Corinth Canal thanks to a narrow strait. This lake often experiences low tides and high tides. An old lighthouse has been preserved on the west side. It stands on the edge of Cape Malangavi. Not far from it are the ruins of ancient temples - Limeni and Akreja.

The lake is large and beautiful, surrounded by green mountains. When the winds blow in Loutraki, then everyone comes here for a swim. There are several fish taverns around the lake. You can also visit a small church located on the coast and painted in typical Cycladic blue and white colors. Not far from the lake are the ruins of the temple of the once almighty cult of the supreme goddess Hera ...

Perachora, "olive grove"

In this local store you can find quality olive oil, many types of olives, many of which are made according to a unique recipe, olive oil soap and other home-made products: honey, wine, capers, herbal teas, etc.

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