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hurghada port Hurghada, the oldest and most famous summer resort in Egypt, is an ideal destination for everyone who likes to enjoy in paradise beaches, sunbathing and a variety of water activities. Located on the pristine shores of the Red Sea, Hurghada is known as the "Pearl of the Egyptian Coast", and with over 350 sunny days a year, it is one of the sunniest cities in the world and a favorite destination for escape from the cold during the winter months. White sandy beaches, the colorful underwater world of the Red Sea and unreal coral reefs are what Hurghada is best known for among tourists. Exploring the most unusual fish species, but also the wreckage of long-sunk ships, cruising to nearby coral islands, a variety of water activities, diving and snorkeling, sailing and submarine rides - Hurghada is an ideal destination for all these activities. For nature lovers, however, the landscapes of Hurghada will reveal fascinating canyons in the hinterland of the city. The center of Hurghada will entice you with a diverse offer of restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes and many colorful shops. Although the main attractions of Hurghada are undoubtedly related to the beach and the crystal clear Red Sea, this Egyptian resort offers its visitors numerous facilities on land, from touring the desert and nearby Bedouin villages to trips to Luxor, Cairo and Giza. Hurghada can be roughly divided into 3 districts: the historic center of El Dahar with numerous souvenir and jewelry stores, restaurants and entertainment venues. Here you should definitely visit the El Mina Mosque with its 40-meter minarets and visit the Coptic Church (admission is free). This part of town is always noisy and crowded. The new center is the Sakkala district, which has great beaches with lots of entertainment, diving centers, bowling alleys, billiards, discos. This area is more suitable for young and active tourists. Pay attention to the hotel "Alf Leila Wa Leila" 4 *, which is part of the complex "1001 Nights" and looks like an oriental palace. The area of ​​Nova Hurghada with long beaches and various hotels will attract all categories of tourists. For families with children this area is a great option: sandy beaches with a smooth entrance to the sea without corals and pontoons. Many hotels have their own water parks, good children's clubs, animation, special meals for children. What can you see and do in Hurghada? The list is long, but we have singled out some of the best activities and the biggest attractions that will appeal to every tourist who chooses Hurghada for their summer vacation in Egypt.

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Diving and Snorkeling in Hurghada: Giftun

One of the most popular excursions from Hurghada is a boat trip to Giftun Island and the national park of the same name, and a boat cruise departing from the port in Hurghada is a real paradise adventure for all lovers of fishing, diving and snorkeling. The richness of the colors of the underwater world looks impressive and will amaze every traveler. Coral reefs of unreal beauty, hundreds of species of fish of various colors and looks, swimming with dolphins ... all this makes Giftun one of the most beautiful diving destinations near Hurghada.

After 45 minutes of sailing, there are many places worth stopping by. Passengers have at their disposal many great locations for organized snorkeling, such as Paradise Island, and all the necessary equipment, masks, fins, goggles can be rented on board. For those who do not like to dive, the clear water provides the opportunity to see various types of sea creatures, even from the surface of the sea, from boats, shallows, from the shore or from a reef.

Enjoying the white sandy beaches, the warm Sinai sun or the shade of lush palm trees that beautify Giftun National Park is something that goes without saying. Restaurants that serve excellent seafood will help you refresh and supply yourself with the necessary energy to return to Hurghada and for the new adventures that await you in this famous Egyptian resort.

Cruising the Red Sea in glass-bottomed ships

Hurghada's rainbow-colored coral reefs attract divers from all over the world, and Hurghada and many surrounding locations are considered one of the 5 best diving destinations in the world. However, some people do not like diving, but they like to cruise. For them, as well as for families with children, cruising in glass-bottomed boats is a perfect opportunity to explore the underwater beauties of Hurghada and the Red Sea.

The half-submerged ship with a glass bottom cruises the Red Sea like a moving aquarium, giving passengers the opportunity to see numerous marine species and enjoy the variety of colors of coral, fish and other inhabitants of the sea depths. On these unusual boat tours, which usually last about 2 hours, tourists have the opportunity to learn many interesting things about the amazing wildlife of the Red Sea.

Sinbad Submarine

If you really want to enjoy the beauties that lie beneath the surface of the Red Sea, then Sinbad's submarine is ideal for you. The only submarine of its kind in the Red Sea dives to a depth of 22 meters and takes its passengers into the blue underwater world of coral reefs and marine wildlife.

The submarine has specially designed windows that provide maximum visibility and give tourists an unforgettable experience of discovering the fish world and other sea creatures of the most exotic colors. Sinbad Submarine's underwater trip usually lasts about an hour and is a top attraction primarily for children and non-swimmers.

Large City Aquarium

Another place that attracts all those who do not have a passion for water sports, but still like to explore all the beauties of the sea, is the Great Aquarium in Hurghada. This facility gives its visitors almost a million gallons of underwater space, which is home to about 1,200 individual specimens and about 100 species of various underwater animals, mostly fish. It is one of the largest aquariums on the entire African continent and in all Arab countries.

The aquarium consists of 24 separate units, including the "Shark Tunnel", the "Whale Valley" or the "Rainforest". Within the aquarium, one of the units is the Zoo with terrestrial animals, as well as the traditional Bedouin house which shows the culture of living of these ancient inhabitants of the nearby desert.

Exploration of sunken ships in Abu Nuhas and Gubal

Divers who want a mysterious adventure instead of enjoying the natural beauties of the Red Sea can choose the location of Abu Nuhas, about 2 hours sailing from Hurghada. At this place, the seabed hides the secrets of as many as 7 shipwrecks, and 4 sunken ships are safe for recreational divers.

Another location that offers diving research on sunken ships is the Gubal Strait, where you can explore the most famous Egyptian wreck, the Thistlegorm, a British cargo ship that ended up at the bottom of the Red Sea in 1941 after an attack by German planes.

Desert tour: Desert safari, quads, camel riding

A trip in the desert by jeep with a visit to the village where the Bedouins live is a great opportunity for all adventurers to embark on an adventure to remember while enjoying the endless landscape of sand dunes and visiting desert oases on the way to Bedouin settlements. From Hurghada, the nearest Bedouin villages can be reached by organized tours with 4x4 jeeps in about 40 minutes. Tourists have the opportunity to get acquainted with the conditions in which people live in the desert, with their customs, daily habits, with Bedouin cuisine.

For those who need more adrenaline, there are quads - four-wheeled motorcycles. The quad ride through the desert and along the sand dunes is a real adrenaline rush, and on the way to the Bedouin villages you can stop at a camel ranch and try your hand at fast riding on short distances. In the Bedouin village you will have the opportunity to try local tea or beer and see for yourself the hospitality of this nomadic people.

A special attraction is camel riding through the desert. Whether you want a short tour by the beach, which is the most common option for children, or several hours of riding to the surrounding Bedouin villages, in Hurghada you can choose the camel riding tour that suits you best. Camel guides take care of their movement, so there is no risk of the animals galloping and riding is completely safe.

Makadi Water World Aquapark

The largest aqua park in Egypt is located in the Makadi Bay area, about 40 kilometers from Hurghada. For many families with children who are on vacation in Hurghada, this water park is a favorite destination. With 46 different water attractions, water slides, wave pools, water cannons, surf wave simulators, waterfalls and turquoise sea just steps from the park, there are really countless ways to enjoy water activities. The park is divided into thematic units and offers facilities for all ages.

A separate part overlooking the sea and which is part of the private beach of the hotel has seven large pools (3 outdoor and 4 indoor). The pools are equipped with slides of various sizes, from small and slow ones intended for the youngest visitors, to those that are extremely fast (the largest has a free fall of as much as 19 meters). The aqua park also contains several small pools for children.

There are several other hotels in Hurghada and its surroundings with their own aqua parks, so you can visit them as well. Some of them are Jungle Aqua Park, Steigenberger Aqua Magic, or Sea Gull Beach Resort.

Marina Boulevard

Although Hurghada has always been a living seaport, the city has only recently remodeled its marina and its boulevard, as a place where locals and tourists can walk and enjoy the sun, breathe some fresh sea air or dine with beautiful sea views.

The marina itself has 200 seats for sailboats and large luxury yachts, while on the promenade there are dozens of shops, cafes, restaurants and traditional bars where live music is listened to almost every night, so they are ideal for all tourists who like nightlife. In some beach bars the party lasts until the morning hours.

For those who prefer shopping, it is interesting to visit the recently renovated oriental Arab market Souk, and along the promenade there are exclusive boutiques, as well as numerous souvenir shops with various handicrafts made by locals.

Hurghada 1001 Nights (Alf Leila Wa Leila Hotel)

The 1001 Nights show at the Alfa Leila Wa Leila Hotel in Hurghada celebrates Egyptian culture, lifestyle and dance, with a wide variety of entertainment and evening theater performances. While enjoying a tasting of local food and drinks, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history and folklore of Egypt with live music, admire the spectacular belly dancers or the traditional Egyptian dance of the mystical Sufis, known as tanour.

Paradise Island (Orange Bay)

You can dive here only on the surface, with masks, fins and respirators. You can see a lot of interesting fish, but it is still not as attractive as scuba diving. On the beach there are parasols made of palm leaves that provide you with thick shade. He stays on the island for a couple of hours, and then returns to the boat, sails to the new reef and another 20-minute surface dive. This trip is worth it because of the beautiful island that will stay in your memory forever.

Hurghada Excursions: A Tour of Pharaoh's Tombs

For all tourists who want to peek into the secrets of the ancient Egyptian civilization, one of the oldest civilizations in the world - daily bus trips are organized to Cairo and the Great Pyramids of Giza or to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.

Abdulhasan El Shazi Mosque

One of the city's most beautiful attractions, built of pure marble. Built more than 600 years ago. This is the largest and most important mosque in the city. It is located in the Sakkala area.

Coptic Church

Located in the old town of El Dahar. It was built by the British who worked here in the oil fields.

The ancient Roman settlement of Mons Claudianus

The settlement was founded more than two centuries BC. Here the inhabitants were engaged in the extraction of granite and marble, in order to decorate the great Roman Pantheon.

Monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul

While most people would expect the sights of powerful mosques, near Hurghada are some of the most beautiful Coptic churches in the world. Right next to the Zafarana road leading to Beni Suef, some 45 kilometers from Hurghada, you will find these monasteries of Sts. Anthony and St. Paul, early Christian monasteries from the 4th century AD. Monastery of St. Anthony, considered the holiest site of the Coptic Church in Egypt, is a large complex surrounded by high walls and includes a garden, a chapel and a church. Walking along the cliffs of Galala Al-Qibliya mountain, you can reach the monastery of St. Paul, built by hermits who chose to isolate themselves from the material world.


Safaga is a favorite place 60 kilometers away from Hurghada for those who enjoy sunbathing and swimming. Water is known for its high salt concentration and is said to be strong healthy for the skin. Safaga is also home to Tobia Arba and Tobia Hamra, two reefs that connect the coast and make it an ideal place for diving. The city is also popular for windsurfing, and in 1993 it was is the host of the World Windsurfing Championships. Most places for the dives are very well preserved and can be reached by boat. 

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