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Although the tourist season brings a lot of tourists to the Mediterranean and creates a real crowd that often turns into a real night instead of a vacation, we bring you a list of 11 secluded Mediterranean islands that offer a real pleasure of vacation.

Fravignana, Italy

Located west of Sicily, Favignana is a desolate and rocky island with more cacti than trees. Until recently, Fravignana was Sicilian’s largest tuna hunting ground and tourists are offered a tour of the old factory. On island there is no biggert tourist attractions. Everyone who decides to visit this island rents bicycles and enjoys riding on the narrow paths between hidden bathing coves. Apart from pedaling, the main preoccupation on this island is food. Fresh tuna, lobsters, shrimps and squid are on every menu, and the influence of nearby Africa is felt, so pasta is often enriched with almonds and fresh mint, and desserts with candied fruit and pistachios.

Vis, Croatia

The Dalmatian island of Vis is one of the least visited and the crowds of the tourist season bypass it, leaving the guests of this beautiful place to enjoy the natural beauty. Despite the fact that Vis has more than enough to offer, it does not have luxury hotels, marinas and restaurants, although it is popular among yachtsmen. Although it does not offer social facilities, Vis offers a restaurant with an excellent offer of fresh local fish and the beauty of the Mediterranean, which has almost disappeared in other places. The landscape is full of fragrant lavender, rosemary, figs, olives and wine, and deserted beaches and bays that you can only reach with a rented scooter.

From Vis you can also go on a trip to the Blue Cave on the island of Biševo, where around noon for calm seas the sun’s rays penetrate through the underwater opening in the Blue Cave, reflecting from the white bottom illuminating the cave blue and objects in the water silver.

The island of Vis has many cultural and historical monuments and buildings. The largest remains are the ancient Issa, and on the Prirovo peninsula you can see the remains of the ancient theater and public baths. Around the island of Vis there are many sunken warships and merchant ships, giving Vis a adventurous experience.

Tabarca, Spain

Only a kilometer and a half long and half a kilometer wide, the island of Tabarca once served as a hiding place for North African pirates. Today, the island attracts many tourists, but few stay overnight. Ferries from Santa Polo, Alicante, Guardamar and Benidorm in the peak season, August, bring about three thousand tourists daily on day trips. But if you postpone your visit to this island until September or wait until spring, you will enjoy the solitude of meeting only a few tourists and about forty people who live there. Tabarca has only a few streets, and there are almost no vehicles on them, except for a truck used to transport luggage for tourists, and the small town has hardly changed in the last few centuries.

Gökçeada, Turkey

Although it is the largest Turkish island, Gökçeada is still not developed for tourism and offers the opportunity to escape to the unaltered and preserved nature with the scent of thyme in the air. Untouched nature offers the possibility of a peaceful vacation, but without luxury. Despite this, the largest Turkish island offers many natural and pristine beaches. Tourists spend their days in a leisurely walk, lounging on the beach and numerous cafes drinking coffee and enjoying delicious baklava.

Fourni, Greece

Between the islands of Patmos, Samos and Ikaria in the far north lies the village of Fourni, perfect for visitors who are lovers of natural beauty, and its archipelago of 12 islands and rocks will delight all tourists. Lovers of painting and photography will love hills that descend all the way to the sea, and its wild nature is somewhat reminiscent of Scotland, only with a much more favorable climate. Although there are no luxury villas on the island, hotels and private accommodation offer modern rooms. Tourists will be enchanted by the fabulous beaches and the sparkling clear sea, but they should be prepared for long walks because there is no possibility of renting a car in Forunia, and there is only one taxi on the island.

Pantelerria, Italy

South of Sicily, closer to Africa than Europe, is the “black pearl of the Mediterranean” – the volcanic island of Pantelleria.
Pantelerria is one of the few Mediterranean islands that is not affected by mass tourism. One of the main reasons why this island has gone unnoticed is that there are no sandy beaches on the island, and dark, volcanic rock dominates along the entire coast.

But don’t let that put you off. The lack of sandy beaches this island compensates with privacy and peace. Visit the beautiful lake Specchio di Venere (Venus Mirror), which is located in a volcanic crater and is filled with spring water and rainwater.

Meganisi, Greece

Meganisi is still insufficiently known, despite its Mediterranean charm. With sky blue and enchanting white color palette, fishing marina and local gathering places where you can drink coffee, it is very easy to forget about everyday life and obligations.

Isola di Capraia, Italy

Capraia has the status of a protected national park, which means that it is a paradise for all nature lovers. An island of volcanic origin, made up of colorful, sharp rock formations, beautiful caves and vertical cliffs, which stand out dramatically along the blue sea.
Planning is a recommended activity for all visitors, and the trails will take you from Roman ruins and old terraces to amazing lookouts. In addition to the port, which is dominated by the large fortress of San Giorgio, the island has a small pebble beach where the locals rest. A large number of quiet rocky coves ideal for sunbathing or swimming, you can also find on this island.

Karpathos, Greece

Still quite unspoiled, the Aegean Sea hides the Karpathos, an island of diversity and kind hosts. Although it has been attracting more and more tourists lately, it can still be said to be one of the lesser-known and attractive island locations.

The capital of the island, Pigadiu, stands out with a picturesque promenade overlooking the beautiful bay. A rich nightlife in numerous bars and typical Greek taverns will satisfy every traveler. While on the one hand the island offers a variety of hidden coves and warm sea, on the other hand, hides a mountainous interior of rich cultural heritage. The identity of the natives is preserved in the villages whose inhabitants nurture old customs such as three-day weddings, specific holiday clothes, handicrafts…

The northernmost village of Olympos was built in Byzantine times at the very edge of the mountains, and served as a refuge from pirates, and even today you can see windmills in the mills and customs that have disappeared from all other parts of the island.

Procida, Italy

Procida is an island located in the very south of Italy, near the coast of Naples, and is characterized by exceptional, typically Italian vividness complemented by houses of green, pink and yellow.

That is why it was chosen as a film location by the directors of “Talented Mr. Ripley” and “The Postman”.

The island itself is not a well-known tourist destination, but the rich and famous choose it for a summer vacation. The main island square is Piazza dei Martini, and Marina Grande and Marina della Corricella connect the island with other locations. The third port, Marina di Chiaolello, is today the center of nightlife, with many restaurants and bars.

Ile de Porquerolles, France

The small island of Ile de Porquerolles is located in the Gulf of Hyères, very close to the famous Cote d’Azur. It is adorned with magical beaches and endless vineyards, and the island is a favorite among tourists who love diving in a quiet environment.

Most of the island is a national park, so the arrival should be announced in time because the number of tourists is limited. An unavoidable destination to visit is certainly the Fortress of St. Agatha from the 14th century, where you can see the archeological exhibition, and the Place d’Armes.

With as many as 300 sunny days a year and mild winters, the climate is a good choice for a holiday at any time of the year.

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