The Island of Pag has a fair claim to being Europe’s top dance festival destination

The beautiful island of Pag has earned the reputation of being among the world’s hottest party destination and for a good reason too. Every summer, thousands of party-goers converge at the island to revel in a string of electrifying music festivals held on the sandy Mediterranean beaches spread through the island. Not to mention the world-class nightlife that provides high-octane fun once the sun has set.

Some of the festivals that the amazing island of Pag plays host to are as follows:

Fresh Island Festival

This hot music extravaganza happens in mid-July and features the hottest names in the hip hop, RnB, and grime. The festival is held at three notable spots on Zrce beach; Aquarius, Papaya, and Kalypso. Aside from the main event, patrons get to enjoy pool and boat parties, excursions and extreme water sports, street art, break-dance competitions and much more local talent on offer.

Love Week Festival

More than just a music festival, Love Week offers 7 days of raving at the Adriatic coast with a unique opportunity to spend long nights on sandy beaches, with relaxation spots, and lively dance floors. There is also a special cruise on the famous Starboard ship to Telascica Nature Park on the menu. Love week festival is co-hosted by Aquarius and Papaya, top clubs on the Zrce beach front in late July.

Black Sheep Festival

Black Sheep is a music festival that offers the opportunity for fans of dance music to enjoy the best of electro, house and techno beats. The event is co-hosted by four famous nightspots; Kalypso, Aquarius, NOA, and Papaya every summer between 30th July and 2nd August. The experience is unforgettable, featuring a lineup of world famous acts, colourful scenography, great production and an amazing beachfront atmosphere to cap it all off.

Hard Island Festival

This is a hard-style dance festival for hardcore fans held between 2nd and 5th August at clubs Kalypso and Aquarius on the Zrce beach, Croatia. It is a partygoer’s paradise offering the best DJs on the turntables that attract crowds from all over Europe and beyond. There are also boat parties, swimming pools, VIP treatment and great atmosphere in the sun and sand for the best of party memories.

Sonus Festival

Fans and lovers of techno and big-room house music converge every year at this electric music festival in the Mediterranean shores of Pag Island. Its schedule involves almost 70 top artists performing at three clubs on the Zrce beachfront with revellers dancing the night away till the break of dawn. You can sunbathe in the sandy beaches or go for a dip in the crystal clear waters. The festival is normally held between 19th and 23rd August.

Hideout Festival

Hideout music extravaganza brings together fans of electronic dance and an endless list of artists on a five day stretch of high-octane partying between 25th and 29th June. This sell-out gig holds its own and is hosted by five famous open-air venues sitting along the polarizing Zrce beach. Besides the heavy-hitting sounds from the speakers, there are the infamous boat parties, and the newly introduced secret beach party to complete your fun experience.

Spring Break Festival

The best of Electronic Dance Music can be experienced at the Spring Break festival in a beautiful atmosphere hosted by favourite hot spots in the Novalja island of Pag. There is also a host of other fun activities including boat parties, water skiing, jet skiing, just to mention a few. The beach setting is perfect for four days of intense partying in the Mediterranean.

Area 4 Festival

This is the latest addition to the summer festivals that have brought fame to the beautiful island of Pag. Area 4 offers four days of intense partying in the sun, hosted by 4 nightspots along the Zrce beach front. Patrons get to dance on the smooth sand and enjoy the scenic views of the turquoise Mediterranean waters.

WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp

WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp is an international summer dance camp that offers you high-quality training as well as fun afternoon beach activities! Choose between various dance workshops by day and attend a boat cruise with some of your favourite choreographers in the afternoon! This exciting blend of quality dance workshops and afternoon activities is for all dancers interested in experiencing the ultimate summer dance vacation. The camp is normally held between August 1st – August 11th, 2018 / Novalja.

Dream Island festival

Dream Island festival will take place just a few days after Ultra Europe festival in Split settles down and rave nation moves back to Adriatic party epicentre. Zrće beach on the island of Pag is one of the wildest party hotspots in the Mediterranean, with non-less than three DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs, showcasing the greatest electronic and indie talents day to day throughout the summer.

Barrakud Festival

The Barrakud Festival has been held for the last few years on the most popular summer destination for young people, Zrće beach in Novalja. This festival provides a spectacular entertainment for all fans of electronic music in the most popular clubs on the Zrće beach as well as on the day-to-day pool parties and party parties. Also, it has a boat party.
Zrće beach in island of Pag is home to the best party nightspots, attracting thrill-seekers all across Europe and beyond with its Ibiza-like atmosphere.

The following are some of the clubs in the island


This famous spot is as old as independent Croatia! Ever since it was established when techno music was still new to Zagreb, Aquarius has remained versatile in the musical field, with a perfect beachfront setting. It boasts a quality sound system and a management team that knows how all the secrets to a great party. By day, it serves as a beach and eatery but comes the dark, this open-air joint on two floors transforms into an energy-filled seaside dance club that breathes fresh life into the island. It’s no surprise to encounter world-class DJs and international music acts at Aquarius given the clubs consistency in hosting extravaganzas like the Sonar, Hideout and the still fresh Area 4 festivals. VIP catering is also available with waterside cabanas that make for the perfect party experience.


Located in the heart of Zrce beach, club Euphoria is a self-styled groove club with an international pulling power. It is conveniently affordable and offers the cheapest cocktails on the island. It also boasts a nice program that embraces the latest in electronic dance 7 nights a week. Admission is free on most nights and patrons get to enjoy its massive open-air dance floor capped off with top quality sound and light system for the ideal party setting.


The self-declared radle of clubbing’ started out as a simple but later on helped to bring about the Croatian Ibiza phenom into the once sleepy spot outside Novalja. Kalypso features a newly renovated VIP area with servings of famous local Pag delicacies produced by the revered kitchen at the Boškinac. Forming part of the quartet of nightspots in Zrce, it shares hosting duties for key festivals including Black Sheep, Fresh Island and the new Area 4. On normal days when there are no notable events, Kalypso hires local DJs, but with the same dosage of fun. The day hours see team sports dominate the open-air club with beach football and volleyball, bringing about a communal feel.


Papaya is a massive establishment that can hold up to 5,000 revelers with two beautiful pools and a number of dance floors on offer. Its industrial-scale fun is highlighted by Sunset Boat Parties every summer that is a favorite for money. Papaya operates for 24 hours a day from June to September; the daytime provides a chance to kick back and relax in the palms and exotic wood that was particularly selected for its Mediterranean ambiance. The night, on the other hand, is a time to dance and groove to the booming sounds of quality music from top DJs. Major events here include AMARDA Croatia, the Big Beach, Fantasy Festival, Area 4, etc.

Noa Beach Club

If you are looking for a true experience of carefree music entertainment, Noa Beach Club is the best spot on the island of Pag. On the world famous beach Zrće, club Noa stands out with its luxurious design and exotic décor. Set above the water surface with a central pool, five bars and a play ground, it is an ideal place for serious dances in long summer nights. Top World DJ Mag announces Noa Beach Club Among 20 Top World Clubs

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Omis is a small and shiny gem of Dalmatia

Are you looking for a place with extraordinary natural beauties and rich historical heritage? You are in the right place. You are in Omiš. With a location in the Omiš Riviera in Croatia, this pearl of Mediterranean has so much to offer. Amazing activities, many traditional performances and delicious food. All these things are available to you when you come to one of the most beautiful cities in Dalmatia.

The history of Omiš goes back to Stone Age. Some interesting remains were found in the area and they are the real proof of a turbulent history here. The town was surrounded with high walls and the forth was deep inside the mountains so tribes could not get there. Many visible remains are still there, so they serve to the visitors who imagine how the history shaped this beautiful city. In past, Omiš was a dangerous place for ships to pass by, as the city was ruled by Pirates.

Cradle of Croatian pirates

At the peak of their power, Omis Pirates were one of the most powerful and fearsome pirates on the whole Mediterranean Sea. Omiš Pirates ruled the Adriatic Sea for more than three centuries until in the year of 1420 the whole of Dalmatia, except Omiš, fell under the rule of the Venetian Republic, the most powerful naval force of those times. Surrounded by the enemy and left completely alone, the Pirates of Omiš managed to defend themselves for 24 years. In 1444, Omiš fell into the hands of Venetia and that year marks the end of piracy on the Adriatic Sea.

Omiš Pirates were extraordinary sailors and shipbuilders, famous for their Sagittas (the Arrow), a special type of ship constructed for fast attack and even faster retrieval into the safety of the mouth of the Cetina River one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia. Due to its position and the bravery of its inhabitants, Omiš was practically impregnable to all invaders. Even the Turks, who conquered all of south-eastern Europe, and were stopped at the gates of Vienna, didn’t manage to defeat Omiš.

If you are in Omiš in the middle of August don’t miss Pirates Nights. This is a manifestation of reconstruction of the battle between local and Venetians that took place in the 13th century. It involves hundreds of participants dressed as pirates and Venetians in the galleys and Sagitta.

What to See (and do) in Omis

There are many squares and streets that speak the story of cultural heritage in an interesting way. When sightseeing within the city centre the Column of Shame are of particular mention to which capital the coat of arms of the Venetian governor was adhered in far off 1617, together with a so-called House of a Happy Man, whose name derives from the Latin inscription on the arch lintel which says: Thank you, my Lord, for being present in this world. At the central street of Omis, there is a market with local fruits and vegetables. Also, here you have an opportunity to buy the famous Croatian olive oil, dried lavender, homemade cheese…

The tower-fortress Mirabella is situated directly above the entrance into the Cetina river from the sea. Historical purpose of the Mirabella tower was the protection of Cetina river, which goes through the land for many-many kilometres, from the uninvited guests.

Today the Mirabella tower is the favourite place to visit in whole Omish. The rise to tower isn’t so hard, but from the observation deck opens a really nice view of the Omis town roofs, Omish beach and the nearest water area of Adriatic sea.

Go one step further and you can find yourself swimming in the gorgeous water on some of the Omiš beaches. Did you know that the longest sequence of sandy beaches on the Croatian coast can be found from Omiš towards Split? More than twenty kilometres of the Omiš Riviera cover all beach preferences whether you love coves, sandy, rocky or pebble beach.

Sand beach lovers will surely decide to visit the campsite in the centre of the town or the central town beach known among locals as The big beach, where hundreds of tourists can be found enjoying the sun and the sea every day of the summer.

All beaches in Omiš and other big beaches of the Riviera also offer a wide variety of entertainment and leisure activities such as jet-skis, boat or kayak rental or sea trampolines, and at two locations on the Riviera (camping in the centre of the town and the beach in Ruskamen) you can also try the amusing windsurfing.

Those who want a little more intimate atmosphere and true relaxation will choose one of the numerous coves in the small resorts of the Omis Riviera: Brzet, Nemiri, Stanići, Lokvi, Medić, Marušići, Pisak … Almost every millimetre of Omis coast is suitable for swimming and finding an ideal beach is just a pleasant concern for numerous tourists.

Most of the beaches can be reached by car, but some of the best coves are well hidden and are accessible only from the sea. One of them is the famous cove of Vruja – according to many, the top scuba diving location in Croatia and a place under which, as a local legend has it, an ancient sunken city is hidden!

For those who like an active vacation, many activities are available. Diving is one of them. Go and check the Cetina canyon where you can dive fifteen meters below the water while discovering an amazing diversity of sea life. When you want to change the ambience, take some time for paragliding between the Dinaric mountains. Do not worry about the wind. Some kind of wind is always present here. You can also go free climbing, cycling, rafting, canyoning…

Summer months are reserved for all kind of festivals, so it is no wonder if you hear the music on the streets and even in the churches. That could be the Festival of the Dalmatian “klapas” which keeps musical tradition in the best possible way. We can say that here in Omiš you get everything you need for a perfect holiday.

There are dozens of taverns and restaurants in the area of Omiš where you can get a taste of the diverse local cuisine.

Local specialIties you should by no means miss while on vacation in Omiš are definitely the Poljica Soparnik (Swiss chard pie), Dalmatian prosciutto (smoked ham), grilled fish and traditional Dalmatian peka (usually veal, seafood or chicken roasted under an iron lid).

Perfect place to start the exploration of Dalmatia

Ancient Roman cities of Split and Salona are just half-hour drive from Omis. Islands Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Vis are easily reachable from Omis. Šibenik, Zadar, Krka National park are also near.

You simply can not get tired here, because the natural beauties are inviting you to discover them. Cetina River, Dalmatian islands and mountain tops are part of the scenery that Omiš offers to all tourists. When you combine nature with the culture, you get an irresistible experience in this part of Croatia.

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