Lošinj Island is known as an oasis of intact nature and aromatic herbs.

Everyone who finds himself on the island of Losinj for the first time can be certain that all senses will awaken in this place. The paradise island, as many consider it, is rich in beautiful beaches and hidden bays, but here you will find much more than just summer tourist attractions. Lošinj boasts first-rate air rich in aerosols, which is why the island is a true outdoor aromatherapy center and a perfect place for health tourism, and with its content and rich offer, it will fulfil all your wishes.

Mali Lošinj is also the resting place of the famous Apoxiomenos, an ancient Greek bronze statue found at the seabed off the island of Lošinj.

The island of Losinj with the islets of the whole archipelago lies in the center of the northern hemisphere, in a perfect relationship between the Mediterranean and the subtropical climate, making this island a climate-health resort. It stretches from the historically significant town of Osor to the north, which “invisible yarns” separates it from the island of Cres to the Ilovic island of flowers in the south, from the uninhabited island of Palacol – one of the 36 islands of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago in east to the island of Unije and sandy Suska island on west.

Mali Losinj is the largest town on the island of Losinj. The architecture of Mali Lošinj exudes a combination of traditional coastal construction and architecture of large Mediterranean ports and cities, so here you will enjoy a unique view of the large port and luxurious family homes from the beginning of the last century, but the narrow streets and small fishing boats.

In the past, the town of Mali Lošinj, after Venice, was the second most important port of the Adriatic. Inhabitants were skilful and esteemed shipbuilders and one of the best sailors in the Mediterranean. With the arrival of elite gentlemen and high aristocrats, Losinj becomes a refuge for summer houses, villas and palaces. To this day the town has retained an identical coastal appearance, preserved nature, cultural and historical sights.

In the city center there is the largest number of shops, souvenir shops, green market, coffee bars and restaurants. You can try and buy wonderful island herbal products, various liqueurs, scented candles, spa products, various kinds of tea, etc. Out of the old part of town, several hotels and hotel accommodation have been developed with accompanying amenities. Most of the islands are covered with pine trees, so cities developed at the foot of the hillsides on the shores of the sea or on high cliffs.

If you are interested in the oldest part of the city, it is part of the church of St. Mary. The church was built in the 19th century and the main altar paintings from the 19th century showing Mother of God of the Rosary with St. Dominica, St. Catherine of Sienna and St.. Jacob. Also, you can walk along the famous Austro-Hungarian villas that keep you coming back to past centuries.

If you want to spend your vacation in the long walks along the beach or pine trees and feel the benefits of the Mediterranean climate you will find a few tens of kilometres of coastal promenade along the most beautiful bays of the Adriatic islands. Besides the sea and beautiful nature, Mali Losinj offers you a wide choice of apartments and private accommodation in general. The local hotels offer weekend and week’s anti-stress and wellness programmes. Also do not miss the sports facilities, spa, many restaurants and cafes and rich nightlife in many clubs and open-air terraces.

In the sea you can enjoy one of the many bays of Mali Losinj, and your vacation can continue hiking to Osoršćica in Nerezine, or on boat trips or even by plane to nearby islands states – protected historic architectural heritage, Susak – island of sand, Ilovik – the island of flowers or Srakane – exotic island with only few permanent residents.

Art and culture have been made available in many places on the island of Losinj, and the nearby island of Cres. You can enjoy prehistoric Osor which are always current archaeological excavations or in which they are held and the famous Osor Musical Evenings, in Veli Losinj and its famous churches, Cres with beautiful preserved Renaissance palaces, Lubenice and Bela, towns on the cliffs thousands of years old… Near Osor, there is a bridge connecting the island of Losinj with the island of Cres.

Because of its climatic and therapeutic properties, Losinj is a prime place for health and health tourism.

The island’s climate and vegetation work in perfect harmony. According to research on the island of Losinj, 1018 plant species have been identified. So we can find lemon, orange, figs, mandarins, olives, cactuses, lavender, pine trees, cypresses, bougainvillea and many other plant species on the island. Numerous pine forests which some of them are protected as the Forest Park became the trademark of the island.

Animal life on island Losinj

The island of Lošinj is also home to many animal species. We can highlight dolphins. Dolphins are frequent visitors to this area and can often be seen as playing games with boats, but also along the coast. The island is also known for its sheep, which provide an idyllic image of the northern rocky part of the island of Lošinj. The underwater draws the richness of fish, shells, coral reefs, sunken ships, amphorae …

Watching dolphins organized by the Blue World from Losinj is a unique attraction

As home to over 200 dolphins, Losinj is devoted to their preservation through the work of the Institute for Research and Protection of the Blue World from Veli Losinj. In collaboration with the Blue World, a Dolphin watching tour is being developed, where you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about these wonderful creatures, and to come closer and observe them in their natural environment. Although Lošinj is not the only place in the Adriatic where they live, Losinj dolphins do not migrate but spend their entire life in this aquarium, and they can experience over 50 years!

An active vacation for the soul and body

The island of Losinj is visited by tourists from all over the world to stay here and take advantage of all the benefits of mental and physical recovery. In today’s chaotic world in which we are constantly exposed to excessive stress, this is an ideal place to free this accumulated stress.

Those who like to enjoy an active vacation will find numerous activities on Lošinj, which will bring their appearance and form to the perfect order. For example, you can rent a bike and ride the paths through the thick pine forest or play a tennis tournament on one of the many tennis courts. Apart from swimming in the sea, water sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to enjoy diving, surfing or sailing.

Island of vitality

The awakening on Lošinj is a unique experience with the joyful twitter of birds and the singing of gulls, and you can hear the cricket while running along the paths through the pine woods. A pure sea air where you will experience the essential oils of pines and plants are natural aromatherapy that will purify your entire body. Particularly interesting is the island’s fragrant garden in Mali Lošinj, where you can see a rich flora and get acquainted with the healing properties of diverse herbs.

Due to its natural beauty, numerous attractions and benefits to human health, Losinj was deservedly named as the Island of Vitality.

How to get there

Rijeka Airport (Omišalj) is about 99 km away from Mali Lošinj. Pula Airport from Mali Lošinj is about 144 km away. The airport of Zagreb is about 260 km away. Ferry lines to the island of Losinj run throughout the year on a regular schedule through the island of Cres at the crossings: the island of Krk Valbiska – Merag and the western Istrian coast crossing Brestova – Porozina. You can also get to Mali Lošinj by your own boat. Mali Lošinj, as well as other islands, travel by catamarans from Rijeka on a regular cruise line, which can be found at the official office of Adriatic Line Navigation. From Mali Lošinj there are ferries to northern Dalmatian islands such as Ist, Silbu, Olib, …

The island of Losinj is connected by a regional road linking the northern tip of Cres and the southern part of Lošinj. Every city or place is easy to reach by car (if you own it), although the strict surroundings of the towns can easily be visited by bicycles. For all other sightseeing, there are public buses that take you to a certain place, town, village.

Mali Losinj is the largest town on the island of Losinj. The architecture of Mali Lošinj exudes a combination of traditional coastal construction and architecture of large Mediterranean ports and cities, so here you will enjoy a unique view of the large port and luxurious family homes from the beginning of the last century, but the narrow streets and small fishing boats.

Mali Losinj its history owes its rich shipbuilding tradition, a tourist destination has become a front of more than 120 years. Mali Losinj is today known as the finds made a famous ancient statue of Apoxyomenos,and for the colorful facades of houses in the city center.

Because of its climatic and therapeutic properties, Losinj is a prime place for health and health tourism.

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Sunny Hvar town on Hvar island

Looking for a warm, sunny destination with abundant green landscapes and clear sea? Welcome to Hvar, an ancient town with a rich history on the island with the same name.

Hvar is famous for its sunny weather all year-round. Rarely will you find yourself in the middle of drizzle when you are visiting this Croatian town. However, sunshiny weather alone is not enough to place any destination on the popular tourism map.

Visitors with varied interests will find something special and interesting in the town of Hvar. Rich cultural heritage, stunning beaches, exciting nightlife activity and plenty of spectacular day trip destinations all wait to be savored and enjoyed in the area.

The best place to start your Hvar exploration is from the top of the 16th-century fortress. It is a great place not only to get your bearing but to have a fitting preview of what is waiting for you to explore. The overlooking location of the fortress affords a glimpse at the spectacular panorama of the Hvar’s rooftops, the colourful harbour and the azure waters at the distance. The site is also worth exploring with the ruins of a medieval castle and its eerie dungeon. If you just want to relax and enjoy the wonderful view before get started, do so in the comfort of the cafe located at the top of the castle.

From the fortress, you can go down the steep steps and proceed to where the action is – the town’s Placja or the main square. The area is so full of charm, understated beauty and truly reminiscent of romantic Venice. Beautiful Venetian palaces line the streets surrounding the Placja and if you are in for a lazy stroll, there are plenty of delightful cafes and courtyard restaurants along the way where you can sample the scrumptious and mouthwatering Croatian cuisine.

After a most satisfying repast at the Placja, continue your slow stroll and follow the path along the sea until you reach the nearby Franciscan Monastery. Those who love religious art will find pleasure in the art collection of the monastery’s museum. Moreover, the divine garden just outside the museum is perfect for idyllic moments, if you are in need of one. If you happen to be lucky, you just might chance upon a concert held at the site’s lovely cloister. If not, you can just explore the neighbouring 15th-century church of Our Lady of Mercy and the sacral treasures housed inside. Finally, if you are interested in exquisite Renaissance architecture, drop by the Loggia and the Clock Tower of the Hotel Palace and enjoy the old-world atmosphere of this part of Hvar.

Of course, the bright sunny weather is best enjoyed on dazzling beaches and Hvar has plenty to offer. Less than four miles away from the town centre you can enjoy a beach getaway at Milna. You can just soak up the sun in this protected cove and if you get hungry there are several restaurants nearby. If you want to explore further, go for a short hike along the pine forest and you will soon find yourself discovering another lovely beach nearby.

Sveta Nedija is another beach destination you might want to check out. The area is also famous for the production of red wine so make sure to have a glass while you are there. Of course, not to be missed is a day trip jaunt at the nearby Pakleni islands. Just hop on a motor boat and in a few minutes, you will be in the midst of a picture-perfect island getaway with its secluded beaches, picturesque coves and lush hills.

The islands are the most visited part of the Adriatic Sea by the yachtsman population, but are also an essential part of Hvar’s tourist offer.
From the town port on one of the many tourist ships and boats you can find some excellent day trips to explore hidden bays on island Hvar and nearby islands.

The most popular of these is a tour to the magical The Blue Grotto or Blue Cave at Bisevo, near the neighbouring island of Vis. The grotto is one of the best known natural beauty spots on the Adriatic and a popular show cave because of the glowing blue light that appears at certain times of the day. Swimmers, divers, and snorkelers can swim in the small entrance.

Moving from east to west, the island of Pokonji dol with a lighthouse of the same name watches at the first Pakleni islands, called Jerome (Jerolim). On Jerolim there is a famous and long-established naturist beach, equipped with showers and restaurants, just like Stipanska bay on Marinkovac which is also exclusively naturist beach. Stipanska bay hosts the famous “Carpe Diem” Club. Carpe Diem Beach Club organizes special Full Moon Parties with the most famous DJs creating an unforgettable atmosphere under the moonlight. Besides the popular Full Moon nights there are many more events and programs being held there throughout the summer.

On the other side of Marinkovac is Ždrilca bay, with a few sandy beaches, many secluded places for relaxed enjoyment of Hvar sun and sea, and restaurants that offer magnificent traditional Dalmatian dishes. For diving enthusiasts, there is a picturesque underwater world as well.

However, the most famous and beautiful nautical destination is Palmižana on the island of St. Klement, the largest island in the archipelago. Palmižana is the oldest and most famous Hvar resort, and its tourist image starts with professor Eugen Meneghello, who built the mansion in the early 20th century. Eventually the family started to bring diverse species of plants to the island, creating a rare botanical garden.

On the northern side of the bay, there is ACI Marina with 160 berths, while the cuisine is perhaps the best in the Adriatic, with its excellent and renowned restaurants. The large bay with a shallow sandy beach is surrounded by a thick pine forest, heather and rosemary bushes, and along with several boarding houses there is also a store for food and drinks.

Vlaka is a place where you’ll find everything you imagine under the term romantic holidays. It’s a picturesque fishermen village with a little chapel – dedicated to St. Clement, which dates from the 16th century – vegetable gardens, olive groves. Wine lovers will delight in the vineyards of Andro Tomic close to Roman ruins and a Roman mud bath. A special experience is a fiesta in honor of St. Clement, patron saint of the island, which takes place on the last Sunday in July.

At the western end of the archipelago is a group of islands called Vodnjaci. They are known for their exotic underwater world rich in fish, making them a frequent destination for passionate divers and fishermen. On the north side of the islands is Duboka bay with two beautiful beaches and the remains of lime.

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Primosten is a town surrounded by 7 islands

Primosten is a beautiful little town in Croatia situated on the most attractive part of the Adriatic coast, between the famous Croatian notabilities –a town of Šibenik, Trogir and Split, and the national parks Krka and Kornati.

Primosten is a picturesque place in Croatia surrounded by 7 islands making it a hidden gem for globetrotters. You can get here on a bus from either Sibenik or Split. The town is especially known for its ancient architectural buildings and their massive vineyards. Besides the architectural history, Primosten also has a rich vibrant culture focusing on art, food, entertainment and is home to some of the best beaches in Croatia. Let us take a look at the sightseeing and activities you can do to enjoy and explore this breathtaking town.

What to see

A must visit place in Primosten is the Hilltop 15th Century Church of St.George. This charming, quaint church is located up a hill in old town Primosten and also has a graveyard. From the church, you get a 360-degree spectacular view of the vast sea and the town and is excellent for catching the gorgeous sunsets. Besides the church, you can go for a walk through the pretty, narrow cobbled streets of this historic town or bicycle on the roads alongside the sea. Primosten is well known for the most famous beach called Raduca beach. The beach is an extremely long and shallow beach with more of pebbles than sand so do not leave your slippers behind. This beach is pristine, blue, clean and less crowded- everything you look for in a perfect beach!


There are many water activities you can indulge in Primosten such as scuba diving, snorkelling and open water diving. There is a famous diving centre called Pongo in the town which teaches and organizes open water diving courses and various other water sports here. The open water diving course is highly recommended by most tourists. Another interesting activity to try here is the eco fishing excursion. You get to experience the life of a fisherman by going on a boat and catching various kinds of fishes from the sea and grilling them right away and eating them! Primosten also has a colourful nightlife and has one of the best nightclubs in Croatia called Aurora. This club is known for some of the best parties and is frequented by a number of popular DJs. During the summer months numerous festivities are organized in Primosten, such as: Primosten habits, fishing night, folklore and Dalmatian folk music evenings.

Restaurants, shops and accommodation

There are also a number of lovely restaurants in the town serving delicious European, Mediterranean and seafood some of the popular ones of which are Restaurant Mediteran, Sari Cevi Devori and Konoba Toni. There is also a small and popular shop called Primosten Honey Shop Garcin in the town which sells some delicious honey and grappas. You should definitely not miss out on this one.

The only hotel in Primosten is Hotel Zora which is a three-star hotel. However, there are many private houses, apartments and villas which provide accommodation to guests. There is also a huge camping site called Camp Adriatic where a number of people set up their camps, tents, caravans and stay there. This camp has its own supermarket, restaurant and beach and can accommodate up to 1600 guests.

Daily trips

You can go on a daily trip to Split, the biggest coastal city in Croatia. This dynamic city has many cultural monuments and many cultural happening. Trogir is one historic city in which you can see a beautiful harbour and take a trip by a boat along the Trogir’s Riviera. Also, you should go on a boat trip to a beautiful city, Šibenik.

Travelling to National park Krka will make you discover beautiful landscape with many lakes, waterfalls and monastery Visovac, built in 15th century, placed in island Visovac in one of the lakes.
If you are looking for a peaceful, quiet yet a fun-filled and exciting vacation with pretty beaches and sea, then Primosten is undoubtedly the place to visit!

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