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Travel and Leisure magazine recently published a list of the best islands in Europe for 2021, based on the votes of readers who participated in the poll for the “World’s Best Awards 2021”.

As expected, the list included numerous Mediterranean islands.

Malta – 83.38 % of the vote

Malta is home to just under half a million people and is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

The capital Valletta is also one of the few places in the world with the largest number of historical monuments per square kilometer, according to UNESCO.

Considering the eclectic architecture, beautiful sandy, partly rocky beaches, as well as the real Mediterranean atmosphere, it is not surprising that Malta is on the list.

Canary Islands, Spain – 83.5 % of the vote

The Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, are very famous for indescribable landscapes, volcanoes, waterfalls, clean beaches and turquoise blue sea.

This archipelago consists of seven main islands, and the most famous holiday destination is Tenerife due to the diversity of nature and landscaped sandy beaches.

Corsica, France – 84.07 % of the vote

Many consider Corsica to be the perfect blend of Italian and French culture. The Mediterranean island, located west of Italy and southeast of France, is best known for the fact that the famous French ruler Napoleon I Bonaparte was born on it.

The island with more than 200 beaches and 50 mountain peaks is also nicknamed “mountain on the sea”.

It is known for its numerous hiking trails, picturesque landscapes and vineyards. In addition to good wines, beer lovers can also try a special product from Corsica called “Pietra”.

Rhodes and Dodecanese Islands, Greece – 85 % of the vote

The island, with 340 sunny days a year, is one of the most attractive summer destinations in Europe.

Nicknames such as “Island of Roses”, “Island of the Sun”, and even “Island of Snakes and Deer” are very impressive for tourists, but the most commonly used name for Rhodes is “Knights’ Island”, thanks to the large medieval city that adorns it.

The city of Rhodes itself is an ideal combination for all those who like to stay in a bigger city, and at the same time enjoy the enchantingly clear sea. Ancient, medieval and Turkish monuments in the city can be found at every turn, and the old town itself is surrounded by walls that leave no one indifferent.

Corfu and Ionian Islands, Greece – 85.29 % of the vote

Corfu is one of the seven main Ionian islands, which is known for its emerald bays and crystal clear sea due to its mild climate and high humidity.

The Greeks also call Corfu a green island because it is known for its rich vegetation, oils and citrus fruits.

The Ionian Islands also include Paxos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Kirita, and all of these islands have very similar natural landscapes.

Crete, Greece – 85.74 % of the vote

Sunny weather, historical sights in contrast with modern hotel complexes and beautiful beaches, make Crete a very attractive tourist destination.

Traces of the oldest history in Europe have been discovered on this island. The sea around the island is so clear that in some places it is possible to see the bottom even up to 40 meters.

Mykonos, Greece – 86.23 % of the vote

Mykonos, which is considered the Greek Ibiza, is actually a beautiful Cycladic island made up of authentic small blue and white houses decorated with flowers.

The most famous Greek island introduces travelers to the world of glamor and entertainment, golden sand and nightclubs, famous and rich, decadent and extravagant.

Capri, Italy – 86.6 % of the vote

It is located on the south side of the Gulf of Naples near the Sorrento Peninsula.

It is characterized by an unusual relief created by the shooting of the coastal part of the Sorrento Peninsula, and steep high cliffs near the beaches.

All this, combined with the rich history and luxury villas, has made the island of Capri one of the favorite summer destinations.

Ibiza, Spain – 87 % of the vote

White Island, as Ibiza is often called, due to its typical architecture, became very popular in the early sixties. At that time, Ibiza was known for its “hippie culture” and nudist beaches, and today it has a very wide offer, both for families and older visitors, as well as for young people who come to the island attracted by its nightlife.

The night life starts in the afternoon, on the beaches and in the city center, and continues until dawn in numerous discos.

Paros, Greece – 87.64 % of the vote

The island of Paros is a small diamond located in the heart of the Cyclades, in the southern part of the Aegean Sea.

The first rule of all travelers who spend their summers here is: “Don’t spend more than one day on the same beach.” This is because this island has really countless beaches that are mostly sandy in the south.

Mallorca, Spain – 88.39 % of the vote

Mallorca belongs to one of the three Balearic Islands, next to Menorca and Ibiza, and is also the largest island in Spain.

Clear sea, beautiful sandy beaches, hidden lagoons along the 550 km long coast, pine forests, palm trees, but also mountain ranges – make this island a paradise on earth.

Sardinia, Italy – 88.75 % of the vote

A trip to Sardinia will delight you. Sardinia (Sardinia in Italian, Sardigna in local language) is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. In addition to beautiful beaches along 2000 km of coastline, there are many mountains and valleys where thousands of prehistoric dwellings are located, known as “nuraghi”, so it is a really great destination for fans of the so-called. beach holidays, as well as for those who love mountains and historic sites.

Hvar, Croatia – 89.1 % of the vote

Hvar is the king among the Dalmatian islands, and thanks to the mild climate, warm winters and pleasant summers, the island hosts many guests and travelers due to the magnificent Mediterranean nature, rich tradition and nightlife.

Among tourists, the most popular are the western parts of the island, where the town of Hvar, Stari grad, Vrboska and Jelsa are located.

Numerous beaches with crystal clear sea, lots of sunny days, untouched nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, scents of lavender and olive trees are just some of the reasons why travelers choose to spend their summer vacation on Hvar.

Santorini, Greece – 89.61 % of the vote

Santorini is the most picturesque, most popular and most visited Greek island, located in the southern part of the country.

Santorini is a paradise for romantic souls and for an inspiring holiday. Its present appearance is due to a volcanic eruption that literally sank the western part of the island into the depths of the sea. This is how the cliffs that rise high above the sea were created. Although the volcano has left the island with a typical dark coast, a beautiful background with blue and white traditional houses with blue domes is adored by the whole world. The Greek blue-and-white fairy tale may not embody anything more beautiful than the view of the sea from the edge of the caldera and on the streets of idyllic Fire and Oia.

Sicily, Italy – 90.49 % of the vote

Sicily is the central island in the Mediterranean, and is a place where you will find life on the streets, a mixture of different cultures that have left their mark here, cities that speak of a turbulent past. There is no end to the natural beauty here, from the hilly areas that hide magnificent panoramic views, to the lowlands filled with plantations of fragrant lemons, oranges and mandarins. In each valley hides a picturesque town that is difficult to bypass, and the volcano Etna shows its power by the roar of smoke high into the clouds.

Madeira, Portugal – 91.56 % of the vote

Madeira is the green garden of the Atlantic known as the “island of eternal spring”.

The abundance of lush vegetation – greenery that survives throughout the year, huge colorful flowers on the dark black cliffs of the extinct volcano, and tropical fruits that grow in local gardens, are some of the reasons why Madeira is called the paradise island of Europe.

Folegandros, Greece – 95.47 % of the vote

Folegandros in the Mediterranean Sea, is an untouched jewel of Greece, and is located near Santorini and Milos.

The island has beautiful beaches, picturesque houses and secluded coves and anyone who wants an authentic Greek and true Mediterranean atmosphere should visit this island once.

Milos, Greece – 95.50 % of the vote

Thanks to its volcanic origin, Milos is also known as the “island of colors”. The relatively small island has more than 70 beaches and each is specific in its own way.

Due to its beautiful architecture, characteristic white rocks and crystal clear sea, Milos won the title of the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

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