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Benicassim, Spain

Benicassim remains as one of the best Mediterranean holiday destinations that everyone should not miss. Of course, this place is very popular for its music festival which has been the best entertainment for more than a decade. But, there are lots of things to explore for everyone, who is dreaming of spending the most unforgettable holiday in the gem of Castellon province of Castellon.

Stunning Beaches

Benicàssim, on the shore of the Costa Azahar boasts seven kilometres of beaches with all the services necessary for a pleasurable, entertaining and secure time for bathers and visitors, and recognised annually with EU blue flags.

Beaches in Benicassim are the main places to visit. Not only can visitors enjoy the sunlight for the whole day, but they can also pamper themselves by taking boat trips to several islands. All of them offer magnificent sights of some unexplored islands. Scuba diving is another interesting outdoor activity here.

Some beaches offer windsurfing and sailing. What’s more, they offer short sailing training, in which visitors can learn windsurfing and kayaking, as well. Unfortunately, the training sessions only take place during the summer. Among the most popular beaches that visitors should visit include Playa de Heliopolis, Els Terrers and Voramar. Walking along the promenade is one of the most typical activities, although it is also provided with several facilities, such as pedal-boats, water skates, canoes, volleyball courts.

Some beaches have villas with modern architecture. They are comfortable, clean and, of course, offer the best views of the coastline. But, those villas are not the only attractive options for visitors. There are villas which offer endless beach parties every day, as well as villas which offer serene ambiance.

Natural Parks

While visiting beaches in Benicassim can be an endless trip, every visitor shouldn’t miss breathtaking natural parks. Try visiting Desierto de las Palmas, where visitors will be mesmerized with the stunning sea and countryside views. The natural park also has Montornés Castle, the ancient historical building in the old Carmelites monastery.

The Via Verde Green Route is another excellent nature park for those, who are in a great need of taking pleasure of tranquillity by viewing panoramic sea views. Walking or cycling is what most visitors enjoy here.

During the season there are day trips to the Columbretes Islands, which are Spain’s best example of a volcanic formation. The picturesque islands are a nature reserve. A day trip to the islands is a lovely day out, a good chance to get some great photos and perfect for those who are into scuba diving.

Speaking about cycling or walking, there is another interesting place to try. Via Verde offers a flat route with excellent panoramas from cliffs, towers, and of course, sea coast


A perfect holiday is a series of a trip that allows visitors to enjoy various panoramic sights in the day, and spending the night with vibrant nightlife activities.

Nightclubs are easy to find. There are some Irish nightclubs in the centre of the city. However, Bambu Lounge Benicassim and El Teu Bar remain as the best nightclubs with the highest ratings.


One of Europe’s most popular multi-genre music festivals, The International Festival of Benicássim could be described as a week long explosion of music, sun and sand. The last day of the four-day festival is always marked by an incredible beach party right on the sand.

Rototom Sunsplash is a large European reggae festival. The festival imitates the traditional Jamaican Reggae Sunsplash. The patron saint, St. Thomas of Villanueva has his feast day on the 22nd of September, so if you visit at this time you’ll enjoy sardine tasting, bulls and general festivities. Benicàssim Blues Festival from 3 to 5 June is perfect for everyone who likes to themselves drift away to the sound of blues and jazz.

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