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Euboea or Evia is the second largest island in Greece and also a popular tourist destination. It is a perfect place for both nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike. It also features several fine beaches that would delight any tourist in the area.

Those looking for a fantastic historical excursion will find plenty of special locations in Euboea. First, there is the awe-inspiring archaeological site of Ramnous located about 19 miles from the city centre. Here you will discover a fortress, marble ruins, sanctuaries, burial grounds and a beautiful view of the Euboean Gulf at the distance.

You can also check out Avlonari and the ancient column drums of the 12th century Ayios Dimitrios church. If you want to see more of ancient churches, visit the village of Ayia Thekla where you will find a 15th-century church with beautiful frescoes inside.

Those who are complaining of some body aches and pains should visit the spa facilities of Kamena Vourla to unwind and pamper yourself. It is beautifully situated in a wooded headland opposite the island and makes for a good day trip destination. A nice sandy beach is also nearby for those who want to work on their tan or go for a swim. You can also visit the charming fishing village of Ayios Konstantinos or the archaeological site of Kalapodi while visiting this locale.

You can also check out Loutra Aidipsou, another popular thermal resort in the northern part of the island. There are ancient baths on site fed by hot spring waters whose therapeutic effects have benefited countless individuals since Roman times. The other parts of Euboea’s northern coast also deserve more than a few days of attention while you are visiting the island.

Check out the small town of Limni for the typical Greek charm of white washed houses sprawling on cliff sides and the local attractions of Zoodokhos Piy chapel and the convent of Gelataki. There is also the nearby village of Rovies and its scenic olive groves as well as the monastery of Ossiou David Geronta. Finally, check out the medieval castle in Orei where you will find the island’s popular icon, the gigantic 4th century B.C. marble bull.

If you want to get the most of the Euboea beaches, the seaside town of Karystos is a must. Beach bums will enjoy the popular and fully equipped beaches of Gallida, Psili and Kavos. However, if you are looking for a more tranquil and less visited alternative you can head out to the more remote but no less picturesque beaches of Agios Dimitrios, Kallianu and Archaboli. Ancient site enthusiasts will be delighted with the Temple of Poseidon in Platanistos, located only 6 miles away. Karystos also features the Archaeological and Folk Museums if you are into organized exhibits of ancient artifacts.

Of course, you cannot miss the attractions in the major town of Khalkis. Start from the Turkish inspired Kastro and experience the ruins of its ancient walls, the 5th century church of Ayia Paraskevi and an ancient aqueduct. Just two miles away from Khalkis is the enticing Kastelli, a 13th-century Venetian castle of Lilanto, which is also worth visiting.

If you are a hiker and a nature lover the nearby town of Steni Dirfios, with its forested areas, rolling hills and sparkling streams, is the perfect place to explore on foot. If you want, you can go further and take on the challenge of conquering the summit of Mt. Delfi. After four hours of a rigorous climb, you’ll be greeted with fantastic vistas from the summit which makes the climb all the more worth it.

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