Antalya is the pearl of the Turkish Mediterranean coast

Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, a town on the Mediterranean waterfront of Southwestern Turkey, is the great global sea resort of Turkey and is situated on the Turkish Riviera. For the favorable situation created by Antalya to enhance tourism, in 2012, it proved itself to be the most looked forward town in the world. The Taurus summit of southern Antalya extends collateral to the Mediterranean in the east-west direction, which consequences the emergence of narrow littoral plains encircled by lofty mountains from three sides, sea forming the fourth side. Geographically, Antalya is located on a plain where the mountains retreat from the seashore, which comprises of twin flat zones, composed of travertine stone (35m high). Antalya features torrid summers and rainy and tender winters, with sea temperature differing between 27C in summer and 16C in winters.

After getting familiar to the geography of Antalya, now its time to explore the city in terms of culture, history, fun and tours that are made available to all the visitors abundantly. The first attraction you would admire is Kaleici, the old quarter, which is build of narrowing and Zigzag Avenue hedged in historic city walls. It’s northern part – Selcuk and Tuzcular portion – is basically full of touristy stores and rows or restaurants along the street sides. Similarly, the Kilincarslan portion is very gorgeous, irrespective of it being a bit quiet section. You shall find various gates to enter into exit from Quarter, but it is recommended to enter via Hadrianus Gate. This old quarter includes different areas, but one of the most liked areas includes the Fluted Minaret Yivli Minare, where the famed mosque and 125 feet high fluted minaret is situated. Moreover, the Clock Tower and secured Roman port Yat Limani are other two sections of the Quarter admired by most of the visitors.

Other attractions include Broken Minaret Mosque (Kesik Minare), which is alluring remains of an ancient temple, which was consequentially transformed to a Christian Church and later to a mosque. Also, Hidirlik Tower (Hidirlik Kulesi) is a steeple on the extremity of the walls of the city with a picturesque scene of the harbor and the marine.

The home of Ataturk (Ataturk Evi) is the residence where the foremost president of Turkey lived. Other than the historic temples, towers and mosques at Antalya, you shall also discover some gorgeous beaches around. Konyaalti Beach is one of them, which is situated west of the town. Some segments of this beach include Aqua land, which features a gigantic structure of Beach Park and waterpark, Migros MMM, which is a titanic shopping mall, Antalya Aquarium, with the largest passage aquarium of the world and Aktur Luna park, which offers various fun rides. East to the town lies the Lara Beach, which also comprises a big shopping center, popularly known as TerraCity. Similarly, to the north of the city lies the Antalya Nature Park and the Zoo.

In addition to the above attractions and sightseeing, Antalya is also full of plenty of fun things to do. It gives the opportunity to all tastes of visitors to make their vacation a memorable part of their lives. The first recommended things to do include travelling up to the Mount Tahtali via cable car. From the top, you will get an opportunity to be amused by the scenic views of the Taurus summit and the Seacoast. If you are making your travel at winter, ski all the way down, or even paraglide! Another thing you can do is to visit the remains of Phaselis and the beautiful beaches out there. For your knowledge, Phaselis was once directed by Alexander the Great and is a momentous trading location. You can also have a three-hour drive to the metropolis of Demre from the center of Antalya town. You won’t regret visiting this place, as you will love the majestic Lycian ruins of Myra and the church of St. Nicholas.

Sun bathing in Lara beach will satisfy you from all aspects, if you are a sun lover. If you are visiting Antalya in summer, don’t miss the sand festival, where skilled artists creates life size sculptures to impress. Buy a ticket to Aspendos Ballet and Opera fiesta, which is played in the middle of June and July, in the Roman theatre in Antalya’s Belek region. Moreover, explore the Gulluk Dagi National park. You will need a few hours to scrutinize the entire park, so import some of your time. Also be ready with your camera to get marvelous clicks of some out of the world scenery and landscapes.

After all your excitements and sightseeing, relax at the tea gardens and on the Manavgat Waterfalls. You shall get your feet off and for your delight; the souvenir stores are open every time. Thus, Antalya provides you a compete package of excitement to make your holiday full of fun and fascinating activities.

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