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If you are looking forward to enjoy your upcoming vacation by the seaside, you are strongly encouraged to take a look at the Mediterranean port cities. Apart from providing a unique seaside experience, you will be impressed by the glamor and personality of these cities. To make the life easy for you, we did a research about 7 of the best Mediterranean port cities that you can consider visiting for the upcoming vacation.

When discussing about the Greek Islands, Santorini will be the first thing that will come to your mind. The city is located on an elevated sea cliff, which has a height of around 1000 feet. It becomes extremely popular during the summer season. But still, you can think about visiting there to grab the unique experience offered. Black pebble beaches is one of the most outstanding attractions that you can see in Santorini. In addition, Santorini will provide you with stunning views of the island and the volcanoes. Santorini has a rich history as well. In fact, it has been well preserved for hundreds of years.

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is another Mediterranean city, which has a rich historical background. The 24-hour lifestyle and modern energy that you can find in Tel Aviv is attracting a large number of visitors towards it. It can be considered as one of the most fashionable destinations among Mediterranean port cities as well. At Tel Aviv, you can discover a flea market, ancient buildings, Zodiac alleys that are filled with art galleries and shops, and many other spots, which provide beautiful sunsets. You will also be provided with the opportunity to enjoy modern Mediterranean cuisine while you are spending your time at Tel Aviv.

Antalya is a Mediterranean port city, which is located towards the south west of Turkey. According to the statistical records, millions of people from all parts of the world tend to visit Antalya per year. Most of them are package vacation. In other words, they prefer to spend their time in the selected resorts most of the time. If you want to get the best possible experience, you are encouraged to visit Kaleici, which is located inside Antalya. Then you will be able to notice the Duden Waterfall and many other beautiful sceneries. It is not crowded when compared to other parts of Antalya and you will be provided with the opportunity to have a great time.

Valletta is a harbor city, which can provide you with the experience of traveling back in time to the 16th Century. You will be provided with a large number of fascinating tours throughout this city as well. Valletta is located inside Malta, which is a small island. It has a decent public transportation system and visiting Valletta will not be a big hassle. Around Valletta, you will be able to discover many other beaches, which can provide you with outstanding views and experiences.

Malaga can be considered as the largest city that you can find in Andalusia. You can find an amazing port here in the city. Therefore, it is one of the busiest towns that we discuss in the list as well. It is also identified as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. You will be able to discover a large number of beaches here in Malaga. Most of them have received a lot of attention from the visitors. Out of them, La Malagueta beach is the most popular one, which stays crowded throughout the entire year.

Alicante or Alicant (Valencian Catalan) is the largest city in the Costa Blanca region of Spain and is one of the most beautiful places you could wish to travel to if you take the time and the effort to explore the region and some of it’s sheer beauty.

Located between Murcia and Valencia, Alicante has some of the best beaches in Spain with San Juan, Muchavista and Campello beaches being real gems with beautiful, clean sea and sand which appeal to both families, couples and surfers alike with calm days and days when the waves can be quite high due to strong winds of late.

Dubrovnik is the most popular tourist attraction that you can find in Croatia. This city was even declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 70s. When you visit Dubrovnik, you will be provided with the opportunity to wander through the maze like streets. If you haven’t been there before, you will find it as a difficult task to stay on the path and locate the destination that you need to visit. However, Dubrovnik is extremely safe to visit and you don’t need to worry about anything. There is a complete coastline at Dubrovnik, which is dedicated to tourists and sailors.

Among the Italian cities that you can visit, Trieste is a place that you should never miss out. It is located within the northern coastline. The city has got an atmosphere, which is partially European and partially Italian. This is a quiet city when compared to the other port cities that we discussed through the article. You will be able to discover a large number of charming channels. In Trieste, it is possible for you to discover a large number of buildings, which belong to the medieval era.


Alexandria is known as the pearl of the Mediterranean because it exudes the charm and beauty that are more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern type. Alexandria is the largest port on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, a town of violently cultural heritage and a rich past. With its many historical sights, it also features natural beauty. You can visit the National Museum where there are over 1800 artifacts from the history of Alexandria and Egypt. We will see the Alexandria Library – the oldest library of the old age and an important center of Hellenistic culture, the Pompey Column on the Acropolis under which remains of the Temple of God Serapis, the catacombs of Kom El Shogafa, one of the seven world wonders of the Middle Ages and a necropolis with a series of tombs funeral gold objects.

Limassol is a blend of tourist and student towns. In the narrow alleys there are numerous restaurants and cafes, and the architecture and architecture are marvelous, given that the remnants of medieval and Byzantine forts blend with the rebuilt British colonial architecture. Even when you add street art to this, here you definitely enjoy the abundance of colors, tastes and smells.

Unlike many Mediterranean destinations that are not worth visiting in winter, Limassol is worth seeing at any time of year. Why this is so, we will explain the following text.

Wine culture

Cyprus has a remarkable wine culture, and it is very evident in Limassol. Since ancient times, grapes from the island were collected and dried, and then, according to stories, they made Cleopatra’s drink personally and drank in royal quarters in the Middle Ages. Wine comes from the city’s surroundings, so you can go to some wine tour and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the town.

Beaches, even in winter

Limassol is a coastal city, so it has beaches. The shore is full of cafes and there are also places to swim, and if you are not zymoglyphic, you can swim in the middle of winter because the temperature is often around 20 degrees. Beside the city there are two most famous beaches – Guverner’s and Lady’s Mile.

Here was born – Afrodita

Greek goddess of beauty was born – near Limassol. The hour of driving north will bring you to beautiful white cliffs, where, according to legend, Aphrodite was born from a sea foam. Who knows, you may even witness the birth of a new deity, and perhaps just do it – a trip to a miraculous nature.

Great gastronomic scene

Turn on the radio in Limassol and you will literally hear everything. Greek, Turkish and Lebanese pop music, British music and Israeli news. There is just such a culinary scene, that is – there is nothing missing. You will find all kinds of restaurants, and a special recommendation is   Karatello Tavern, located near the castle where the Richard the lion was married. Whatever you order, you will not make a mistake so, without fear, choose something from the menu.


A stroll round to the older part of town makes a fascinating history lesson. In Kastelorizo you’ll find a plethora of significant sights and attractions. Start at Kastello Rosso where the castle, erected by the Knights of St John on the russet hill, takes you back to the 14th century.

Climb the narrow iron staircase to where the Greek flag flutters for a wonderful view of the harbour. Below the castle is the beautifully preserved Lycian tomb, in haut-relief carved out of the rock. East of it lies the picturesque port of Mandraki and above it is the church of St Constantine and St Helen, the island’s cathedral with gothic features built on the site of an early Christian basilica.

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